Two Major Ways of Converting Solar Energy into Electricity

May 10, 2018

The earth intercepts lots of solar power to be specific 173 trillion terawatts, which accurately represent ten thousand more power than the entire world population utilizes, as per the scientific research. This proves the fact that the sun is the most copious source of power on the entire globe and could act as the most reliable source of energy. Like any other natural resources, the Sun is one of the Earth’s life support system which provides heat and light. Solar energy is one of the renewable and easily available sources of energy across the globe. It is as well as known as the green source of energy as it does not release waste material during the process of power production.

Going back to the ancient days where our ancestors used to live on renewable source of energy. People in those days used an ordinary magnifying glass to concentrate the light of the sun into the beams. The light produced by the sun was so intense it could cause wood to catch fire. Today most of the industries have started working on ancient techniques due to its flexibility and cost. The renewable source of energy – Solar energy can predominantly be used to convert it into heat energy or electricity.

Solar energy is power harnessed from the sun and the two major technologies that have been developed to utilize it are:
• Photovoltaic solar technology
• Solar thermal technology

Photovoltaic Solar Technology

Photovoltaic or PV solar technology is one of the most pervasive solar power harvesting technology. It directly converts sunlight into electricity with the help of panels made of semiconductor cells. Photovoltaic means light and electricity and the initial steps to convert renewable energy into electricity is to install Photovoltaic cells or solar cells.

In 1983 it was first discovered by French physicist Edmond Becquerel and in 1954 PV solar power was first used industrially in France. Through an electronic process, the PV devices produce electric power right from the sunlight that naturally occurs in particular material types which are known as semiconductors. A photovoltaic panel is made up of several cells producing electrical energy, which in turn is converted into alternating current by an inverter. These panels can be used in large plants or compact systems.

Therefore this form of energy is primarily used to power solar calculators, traffic signals or watches. They are also frequently used in unconnected locations to the electricity grid.

Solar Thermal Technology

Solar Thermal which is also known as concentrating solar power (CSP), is a lesser known technique to extract solar power. Unlike Solar photovoltaic, the energy harvesting process of CSP is inherently different and is unapplied commonly for commercial or residential building power generation. Yet, to produce a solar power on a utility-scale solar thermal has a tremendous potential.

The solar thermal collector utilizes the technique of absorbing the heat from the Sun rays by using mirrors and then concentrated at a distinct point. This concentrated optical energy is later used to boil water and generate high-energy steam. This high-energy subsequently turns to a turbine generator to produce electricity.

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