On-grid refers to a power system that is connected to the utility grid. It generates electricity from a solar array. A solar array is a linked collection of solar panels.

We provide effective on-grid solutions based on the requirement set of our clients, devising industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Offering solutions that are scalable from 5kW to 1 MW and above, we reap the benefits of on-grid technology by our systematic approach.

Starting with the feasibility analysis, we evaluate your energy requirements and suggest the best solution. Our team of skilled engineers study the design and structure to select the most efficient, cutting-edge tools and equipment. After we install your on-grid system, our trained staff carries out O & M activities and constantly guide you to the benefits of on-grid technology.

How It Works?

There are one or more inverters connected to the solar panels. These inverters convert the direct current (DC) from the solar panels to alternating current (AC) for your premise. In an on-grid system, there is no provision of backup as there are no batteries involved. It can however, be customized to include a small battery bank to provide buffer without compromising the performance and quality.

No batteries make on-grid solutions relatively cheaper and easy to install. The excess energy after utilization is fed back to the grid. This helps in the effective utilization of the generated energy and reduction in the power bill since you can sell the surplus power back to the electricity supplier.

Why on Grid Rooftop Solutions?

Stable and adequate electricity supply
Zero cost of operations and maintenance
Minimum loss of electricity
Scalable to any amount of load
Less expensive since batteries not required
Cost effective with net-metering