As the name suggests, a hybrid solar system incorporates the advantages of both grid tied system and off grid system. With the hybrid system, you are connected to the grid as well as you have batteries to store power. Combining solar modules, AC utility, and battery power source, hybrid solar solutions supply continuous power and are suitable for locations where the captive power consumption is less than the generated energy.
SaveGeo provides reliable, independent and cost-effective hybrid solutions with low operation and maintenance costs. Our team of experts after surveying your location identify the most suitable and cost-effective resources available to fulfil your energy needs by leveraging the power of hybrid solar systems.After carrying out a detailed feasibility analysis, our bespoke hybrid solutions optimize fuel savings and deliver the best hybrid solution backed by our innovative financing, monitoring, and O & M expertise.
Our hybrid solutions are offered with our exemplary and comprehensive EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) delivery.

How It Works?

Hybrid systems combine solar modules, AC utility, and battery power source to supply continuous power. It is suitable for locations with intermittent power outages. Solar panels receive solar energy and convert it to DC electricity. The DC electricity is then converted to AC current by solar inverters. A main switchboard takes the AC from the inverter to power your home. Any surplus power is sent back to the battery storage with the help of a battery inverter. Now what makes it different from the off-grid is its capability to send the surplus power to the utility grid as well. This is the property of the grid tied system and so a hybrid combines the best of both on-grid and off-grid.

Why Hybrid Rooftop Solutions?

High output from utility grid plus excess power stored into batteries
Backup Generator Not Required
Capacity of Battery Bank can be Downsized