Solar EPC Solutions & Services

Solar energy is the most preferred renewable energy choice among eco-friendly businesses. The solar course, however, can be daunting without proper planning and implementation.

With SaveGeo, you can be assured about your turnkey end-to-end solar solution at every stage of the solar process. From analysis, design, and engineering to implementation, financing, and long term service and maintenance; our customer centric engagement model with technical expertise offers the best in class customized end-to-end solar solutions.

Site & Project Analysis

Our team of experts thoroughly inspect the premises of our clients, closely considering the impact of several factors such as property design, number of people actively dwelling in the premise—their lifestyle, the electrical appliances they use, and the pattern of their day-to-day activities.
Based on this inspection, we evaluate their energy requirements and the maximum solar energy to be produced. We then perform a feasibility analysis keeping in mind their energy needs. This helps in determining the appropriate financial returns that they are supposed to receive.

System Design & BOM Finalization

A detailed study of the design and structure of your premise helps our engineers to propose the specifications of the tools and equipment applicable to your end solution.
Equipment such as batteries, inverters, current carrying conductors, mounting structures, and other components form the backbone of your solution. Our team of experts make sure to remove all the barriers that may impede the progress of this substantial phase.

BOS Selection

The BOS components move DC energy produced by solar panels through the conversion systems to produce AC electricity. Evidently they play a significant role in enhancing the efficiency and performance of the solar system accounting roughly 10-15 % of solar purchasing, implementation, and maintenance cost.
We strive to select and offer the most efficient and cutting-edge BOS components for you since these components have a direct impact on the quality and consistency of the end solution that we offer.

Erection & commissioning

With our certified expertise, we perform erection and commissioning of your solution in a systematic, sequential way.
The erection and commissioning phase includes system integration, procuring, installation, logistics, civil constructions, and an efficient evacuation of power without any constraint.

Project Management

Our vast experience in providing solar solutions ensures that you get the maximum benefits out of your investment. As serving our customers is of utmost importance to us, we believe in building a strong long-term relationship by providing the best solutions.
With the on-time delivery of our systems possessing the best in class quality, reliability and performance, we ensure our customers are 100 % satisfied.

O & M

Our skilled workforce takes the responsibilities for the long-term O & M services and activities. As your solar technology partner, we are ready to work consistently over a long period to ensure if the system functioning is smooth.
In addition to ensuring prompt resolution of any issue that may arise later, it serves our customers to remain in constant touch and get insights and knowledge into the latest trends in solar technologies.