Smaller firms are facing difficulties to enter the large-scale solar market

January 2, 2019
For quite a few years, giant international as well big Indian players have dominated the tendering scene in India for some time. On the other hand, it was increasingly difficult for smaller organizations to enter the Indian large-scale solar market. Moreover, for PV capacity, it was not so easy to participate in the multi-gigawatts of cut-throat auctions. However, it is assumed once firms got their foot on the ground and became diligent in developing projects, space is likely to open up for new and conceivably smaller companies to enter the solar market.
According to the industry experts, the investment interest in the solar power sector is compelling and yet there are many players both domestic and international who have got a robust appetite for bidding large numbers for these projects. 
For tenders in Odisha and NTPC, and SECI’s multi-gigawatt pan-India auctions, this sector substantiated itself in massive oversubscription before the safeguard duty imposition on cell and module imports from developed countries, China and Malaysia.

Long-term view

Hopeful of still entering India, larger companies have the understanding of short-term moments of stasis or uncertainty occurring in the industry, like the safeguard duty imposition. The vision for solar power system by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his governments is so robust in the long-term where players can stay in for the long game with determination.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and EPC Opportunities

New open doors on the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) side additionally limited by the way that is more prominent India-based firms are progressively bringing all the EPC work in-house. According to the industry experts, this pattern will probably not going to change. However, there is one caveat in that, which has just been a bunching up of tenders and engineers that success a lot of limits might not have enough capacity for execution. This medium would then open the entryways for untouchables to come in and perform EPC administrations.
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