How Solar Energy can benefit HealthCare Sector?

January 11, 2018

The depleting levels of non renewable energy resources have given rise to the demand of renewable energy resources. One of the most important renewable energy resources gaining traction nowadays is – solar energy. With the advent of solar cells, one can use solar energy to produce electricity, cook food, heat water, and run turbines among many other innumerous jobs. Indubitably, this energy is proving to be a boon for various industries.

According to SolarPower Europe, the annual global solar power demand will reach 100 GW in 2017, which represents 30% growth from demand in 2016.

The most efficient use of solar energy is in the production of electricity. Electricity is required for most number of processes in any type of industry. The significant one is the healthcare industry, which, according to a report, has a dependency of one billion people around the world and forty million in India.

The healthcare industry requires 24 hours uninterrupted supply of electricity. Opting for renewable resources of energy can lessen the usage of non renewable resources such as coal and petroleum.

Let us explore some of the benefits of using Solar Energy in healthcare industry.

1. Environment friendly:

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is the cleanest form of energy obtained from sun. This can help in the reduction of carbon footprints and the unnecessary emission of greenhouse gases around the globe.

Considering the recent figures from US, most of the energy supply in the state is generated with the help of fossil fuels. Extraction and abundant usage of non renewable energy resources has been causing adverse effect on the environment.

Installing solar panels in hospitals can help keep the air free from particulate matter; which gets accumulated in the environment due to usage of non renewable energy resources. The best part about installing these panels is that the whole responsibility of solar panel is taken care by the solar energy service provider.

2. Cost efficient:

Using non renewable energy resources usually costs dearer than the renewable energy resources, which is free. The photovoltaic cells or the solar cells incorporated in the solar panels converts the sunlight or the solar energy directly to electricity.

Hospitals can benefit tremendously as the energy from sun will be able to provide constant electricity to undergo various processes such as labor room procedures, surgical operations, child care units, ICU among various others.

The only cost that the owner has to bear is one time installation of the solar panel. And, for rest of the life, sunshine is free.

Moreover, patient will get an indirect benefit with solar panel installation; as the low electricity cost will result in reduction of the medical bills that are borne by the patients.

3. Easy installation with technological advancements:

The solar panel comes with various options of installation. The process is really easy. Be it water heater or to provide electricity to a house or building – all can be done in simple manner.

Moreover, with the advancements in technology such as nanotechnology and quantum physics, the electrical output of the solar panels has considerably increased.

The roof-top installation of solar panels can be done in hospitals, clinics and various PHCs to provide 24 hours constant electricity.

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