The Solar Power-augmented Train Exemplifies India’s Endeavor Towards Renewable Energy

August 24, 2017

About a month ago, Indian Railways launched its first solar power augmented diesel-electric train that chugged into a neighborhood in Haryana from a locale in Delhi. This six-coached train was powered by 16 solar panels on the roof which would provide solar energy to the electrical appliances inside the coaches. With this remarkable step, the Railways is hoping to reduce 239 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by saving approximately 90,800 liters of diesel used by the train.

The train is just one example that has exemplified India’s concern towards eco-friendly endeavors further. According to a report by the global consultancy Ernst and Young, India was placed only second to China in the renewable energy attractiveness index.

The Delhi Metro has also joined the league with Indian Railways by doing its bit for environment friendly power generation. For partial fulfillment of energy requirements, nine new solar power generation facilities have been installed in the metro stations and also at the depot of Badarpur-Faridabad Metro corridor. For lighting and other auxiliary requirements of these stations, solar power plants with a total generation capacity of 1660 kWp will be used.

Experts, however, still feel that rooftop solar paneling has not become a lucrative business model in India. Up until 31 December 2016, India’s total installed rooftop solar capacity was just about 1000 megawatts, which is only about 30 per cent of the targeted 40 gigawatts by 2022.

India is among one of those few countries that receives abundant sunlight throughout the year. No doubt, the growth opportunity for Indian Solar market is tremendously high. But due to lack of proper knowledge, lack of proper infrastructure, and penetration of low quality solar products in the market, the development of Solar sector in India has been inadequate and long-drawn-out than expected.

Solar rooftop systems haven’t been able to become a flourishing business. There are several reasons for this shortcoming. Consumers utilize the solar power generated by the solar panels; most of whom do not send the surplus power back to the grid. Once the space is developed, solar power can be scaled up leading to effective change in the solar power sector.

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