Is Operations And Maintenance Limited Solar Panel System?

October 31, 2018

Operations and maintenance of a solar project will not only assist in maximizing uptime, but it will also extend the life of the solar plant. The stream of economic value generated by each kilowatt-hour of production maintained by the delivery of solar power without any disruption. Moreover, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing the risks of downtime, proper service is a critical component. So if your solar power plant is well-maintained, then it can perform 10 to 30% better in comparison to the one which not maintained. However, solar arrays are just the beginning, and without prudish operation and maintenance, system components could be void of all warranties.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of solar panel systems is not too high, and concern only to the solar PV panels and the solar panel mount. The service also used for solar power inverter, cabling and if needed the battery. Let us understand where all O& M is required apart from Solar PV Panels.

Solar Meter

It is a must to calibrate solar meter at regular intervals, only if the feed-in meter belongs to the solar plant operator. Nevertheless, if the feed-in meter is the property of the grid operator, then the maintenance, as well as the calibration, falls within its sphere of responsibility. Most of all the meter readings should regularly get recorded.

Solar Power Inverter

In comparison to solar PV panels, the component solar power inverter is less robust. In contrast to modules reflects the higher need for its maintenance, the shorter lifetime is of the PV inverter. Besides, the support of the PV inverter includes the examination of the connectors on the DC side as well as on the AC side. Apart from this, there should be regular updates of the software of PV inverter.

Solar PV Mounting System

Look from the security point of view, PV mounting system is significant. As a result, visual inspection of the solar PV system should take place at least every six months. Due to high wind loading, a clamp or screw connection on the solar PV mounting system can become loose, which can result in endangering the whole solar plant’s security.

Solar Cables

As India experience four different seasons each year, the solar cables at least in part gets exposed directly to weather effects. As a result, the connectors to the solar PV modules and the intactness of the cable sheath must regularly undergo maintenance every six months, even if the cables are intended for the outdoor purpose.

Solar PV Panels

Last but not least, the maintenance requirement of solar PV panels is comparatively small, as there no rotating parts. Due to this reason, maintenance required on the solar PV panels is less needed. On the other hand, these solar panels need to undergo regular six-monthly visual inspection maintenance check-up as they get exposed around the clock to the weather effects.

Wondering why is maintenance much needed? Well, the primary purpose behind this inspection is to check the tightness and intactness of solar PV panels, occurring soiling, tensions in the attachment and the formation of hot spots.

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