India Is Proactively Encouraging the Uses of Solar energy

November 5, 2018

Recently to create ultra-mega solar energy project, the Indian government had announced plans to meet the next rise on the energy demand. According to the recent researched study, by 2022, the Indian government aims to attain around175GW of renewable energy capacity. At present, the cumulative size of solar energy grid of India is 12.50 GW. Moreover, from 35GW to 57GW shows a rise in three years covering the total renewable capacity that is solar energy, bio power, wind, and small hydel.

The uses of renewable energy resources are proactively being promoting by India through different programmes like a national solar mission (NSM) which got launched in 2010. Our country has an exclusive ministry for renewable energy development, known as The Ministry of New and Renewable, also noted as one in the world. The consequent rise in demand for sustainable energy solutions and energy consumption calls for the creation of smart cities.

It is said and proposed that the requirement of the solar power system for smart cities will meet by 10 percent of Solar Energy and around 80% of buildings prepared by energy-efficient and green. In the last two years, other initiatives that were led by the government consists of solar PV power plants on the canal, banks, solar rooftop PV system, solar pumps and many more.

Solar parks

In the form of allocation of land, access roads, transmission, and evacuation lines, availability of water and much more benefits the developers through the provision of incentives through the solar park scheme. This medium is a concentrated zone of development of solar power generation projects.

Innovations in solar power generation

‘Solar Tree’ – an innovation in the solar power system designed by the Indian scientists look somewhat like a tree with vertically oriented steel branches. At different levels, flexible solar panels placed on the branches of the cosmic tree which in turn gets charged during daytime and after dusk it automatically switches on LED lights. To develop this solar park, it requires around four sqft of land in comparison to 400 sq meters of land requirement. Over and above it can light up five houses and also street-lighting, industrial power supply systems as well as in rural areas.

Growing awareness among citizens

Amidst the citizens, there has been a growing awareness of the benefits of sustainable products like solar street lights, smart meters, solar water heaters, solar panels, rooftops and ground-mounted solar system, and more. Demand for solar lamps and lanterns is the highest in tier-II and tier-III cities, according to a report by Amazon India

Benefits of solar energy

We live in a world continually brooding over the apprehensions of global warming and its detrimental effects. Nowadays, environment-friendly terms like, “Go Green” has become a trend among the masses. And when an environment-friendly solution incorporates cost-effectiveness, human fulfillment grows by leaps and bounds. In such a scenario, going solar is like investing in a reliable product to manage our homes and workplaces brilliantly. Solar panels for homeowners and businesses are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to generate energy and power.

Why opt for Solar Power?

  • Reduce the carbon footprint
  • Say no to conventional fossil fuels and fuel imports
  • Liberate yourself from surging prices
  • Industry standards guarantee 80% performance after 25 years
  • Government and state rebates have lowered the practical costs of solar panels
  • Innovations in nanotechnology and quantum physics can considerably increase the electrical output of solar panels

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