Going Solar is Easy. But, Behold! Answer these 5 Qs first…

April 11, 2017

You want to save money on your utility bills. You want to stir your conscience by doing your bit for the environment. Or you simply want to add value to your premise. The reasons for going solar energy are many, with obvious advantages. There are, however, certain factors to consider before you make up your mind to go solar. Ask these questions to yourself, and go solar only if you have clear cut answers for them.

1. What is the condition of your roof?

Solar panels are highly durable. They may last for 30 years or more. So, consider this: if you have placed solar panels on a damaged roof, wouldn’t it be difficult and costly to remove and re-install the panels? So, repair your roof or get a new one, if needed. Always install the panels on a roof that is in the perfect condition.

In addition to this, the material and orientation of your roof are also important. Your roof must receive enough sunlight. And a rooftop made of a material that would last for only 10 years is undesirable for 30-year-old panels!

2. Where are you located?

If you are located on the opposite side of a rain-shadow region, what will be the use of solar panels that receive more rainfall than sunlight? You may still go solar, but do perform a cost-benefit analysis first. And if you receive adequate sunlight, then make sure tall objects, trees, antennas, etc. do not cast their shadow on your solar panels effecting energy production.

3. Which type of panel you should choose?

Rooftop panels are the most popular. You may, however, choose ground-mounted panels anywhere in your premise. Ground-mounted panels are more expensive but can be placed depending on the reception of maximum sunlight at a region.

There are panels available that come with a tracker to follow the path of the Sun to produce maximum power. These panels are quite expensive. So, choose wisely…

4. On-grid or Off-grid?

If you’re a homeowner located at a thickly populated region with the availability of power grid very close to you, off-grid solution is not advisable, unless you want to display your deep pockets!

Similarly, for someone located very far away from the power grid in a remote location, opting battery backup would be less expensive than choosing to be grid-tied.
And finally…

5. Who must be my solar energy partner?

Your solar solutions undergo step by step solar process with systematic analysis, design, installation, and maintenance so that the end solution has quality and performance. So, make sure about the expertise, experience, and licensing certificates possessed by your solar partner. Without proper license and experience, you’ll spend a huge sum of money to get a solution worth peanuts!

Keep these five points in mind to make your journey towards solar hassle-free. Because you would take the solar path with a virtuous intent, you deserve the perfect solution.