The Role of Ground-Mounted Solar Solutions in Procuring Hassle-Free Solar Energy

November 16, 2017

The solar market in India has tremendous growth opportunity due to its climate. However, due to the lack of proper knowledge, proper infrastructure, and penetration of low quality solar products in the market, the development of the solar sector has been somewhat inadequate. Nevertheless, there are many who wish to go solar by adopting solar solutions, and for them, procuring which type of solar system—ground mounted or rooftop—is a difficult decision to make. Let us see why Ground-Mounted Solar Solutions are a viable choice for solar energy generation.

Going Solar is Not Only About “Strangely” Decorated Roofs

If “going solar” leads you to only picture a roof covered with unconventional rectangles, your idea about solar energy is quite limited. Roof mounted systems are very popular. But just in case if you are looking to maximize your return on investment by gathering maximum power, without having to reorient your roof, ground mounted solar solutions can be extremely viable.

Types of Ground Mounted Solar Systems

Ground mounted solar systems fall mainly into two categories:

1. Standard ground mounts in which panels are held at a fixed angle. In a year, the arrays are adjusted manually once or more to capture maximum sunlight from the seasonal shift of the sun.

2. Pole mounts in which multiple solar panels are supported on a single pole. The panels are elevated and at a higher level off the ground compared to a standard ground mount. Pole mounts incorporate tracking systems that allow the solar panels to tilt automatically. They can capture optimal sunlight throughout the daytime.

No matter what your ground mounted system is—a standard ground mount or a pole mount, it can be tweaked to receive maximum sunlight to produce higher amount of energy.

Why choose ground mounted solar?

Save Yourself from Rooftop Altering

With ground mounted solar photovoltaic systems, you do not have to alter your roof to accommodate solar PV panels that can cause damages or leaks, or higher maintenance costs.

Leverage Space and Maximum Sunlight

Ground mounted systems can be placed anywhere in the premises where there is enough space. Rooftop may not always be situated at the best angle with respect to the sunlight to receive higher solar energy production. Thus, the best alternative is to go for a ground mounted solar system.

Allow the PV Panels to Breathe

Installing the panels where air circulation is freely available is desirable for the longevity of the arrays. Ground mounted systems have ample room below them so that air circulation is maximum and the panels can be kept cool.

Ease of Maintenance

With Ground mounted systems preventive as well as corrective maintenance becomes easier. Cleaning and keeping the panels dust-free is important since the panels work best when they are serviced and cleaned regularly. Without having to climb on the roof, maintenance of ground mounted solar systems is more frequent and much easier.

Ease of Scalability

In case you must expand your solar panel system, rooftops might be limiting. Ground mounted solar systems are easily scalable providing you every opportunity of hassle-free future expansion.


So, which is the better option, rooftop or ground mounted solar panels? Well, both rooftop and ground mounted have advantages of their own. Based on your requirements and with the help of a solar energy partner, it is easy to determine which option will be the best for you.