With the Right Solar Rooftop EPC Partner, More Than Half the Battle is Won!

August 8, 2017

Solar energy is a sustainable, eco-friendly source of energy. With benefits galore, it has the capability of transforming the energy sector of India, shifting the momentum upwards, and diminishing the dependence on non-renewable fossils. To procure the best solar installation, it is necessary to get the service from a professional rooftop EPC partner. Only then will be the endeavors for a clean and green energy generation be satisfactory. But how will you identify the right solar rooftop EPC partner for the best solar EPC service? Let us discuss 4 important factors that you must consider based upon which you will be able to identify the right solar rooftop EPC partner:

1. Emphasis upon Quality – A professional EPC partner will emphasize upon quality. And their reputation is built upon this characteristic. Their integrity is manifested by their resoluteness towards the warranties and guarantees offered. The life of a solar power project is large, about 25 years. And why you should always go for quality material and installation is additionally justified by this fact.
2. Design and Site Review – Proficient design teams offer optimized systems. When the design is customized as per the site conditions, the very best solar installation is achieved. For solar rooftop systems, the capacity and stability needs to be considered carefully to withstand harsh climatic conditions, such as heavy rains, hailstorm, etc. Also, the load from the system can hamper installation or installed facility if not properly reviewed by the design teams. For a safe and reliable system, it is vital to check the design and engineering capabilities of the solar rooftop EPC partner.
3. Credible Estimates – Today, simulation tools and energy forecasting software enable installers to estimate the amount of electricity generated. By careful assessment of the claims and promises made by the installer, you can determine whether their promises are credible or not. Your ambition to generate high energy in a cost-effective way should not push you to fall prey to the false offers of high power generation. Always be thorough and vigilant to check the credibility of the estimations of solar power generation.
4. Experience of Your Partner – Ultimately, everything boils down to experience because it counts, and reveals the reliability and reputation of the installer. It is important to know for how many years has been the installer been in business—the number of installations and the project capacity the installer has handled. Experience along with the proper certification ensures careful and correct installation. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is the nodal ministry of the Government of India for all matters relating to new and renewable energy. The certification given by them is considered prestigious and credible. Never forget to ask for the MNRE certification and license of the installer.

These are a few points that must be kept in consideration to find an efficient and reliable solar rooftop EPC partner. Solar energy is right for the betterment of our overall existence. There is no doubt about this fact. Always ensure that your EPC Solar solutions are handled by the professionals, so that your clean and green energy is being generated without you being anxious and concerned.