Off-Grid Home Solar System, A Stand-Alone Solar Power Systems

November 15, 2018

An off-grid solar system designed for power needs of mid-to-large size homes. Off grid solar systems have no connection with the utility grid, unlike a grid-tie solar system. However, it makes all the electricity necessary for your home. It is no surprise that the government is one of the biggest proponents of solar energy and other renewable forms of energy, with the expanded need for sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Encouraging and motivate people to use off grid home solar system power, the government may offer benefits and incentives. When it comes to the solar power system, homeowners and other property owners mostly have two options: Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar Power Systems.

Stand-alone solar power systems are also known as off grid home solar systems are not connected in any way to the grid. For catering to the electricity needs of the home/building, the solar system is responsible, and to get one of these systems; it is essential to be sure of the proper size system.

Looking onto the on-grid solar power system, they connected to the grid and merely used to complement and reduce dependence on the network. As this system is less expensive and leads to savings in energy costs, few individual mostly prefer on-grid solar systems.

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar Systems

In spite of being typically more expensive in comparison to on-grid solar systems, there are few advantages which justify that off grid solar power system is a high initial investment.

Propriety in Remote Areas

Installing off grid solar systems is one of the best and most affordable options, in cases where property and home not connected to the local grid or now power is available in an area. In Africa, there are several initiatives are going on to help these energy poverty areas.

Several initiatives are going on in Africa to help these energy poverty areas. Besides, installation of the off grid system is significantly more straightforward than that of the traditional electrical grid. This medium is mainly seen in remote areas where homes are often located far away from electricity poles.

Off-Grid Solar Power System is Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly is one of the most significant benefits of off-grid solar systems as they rely on renewable energy. It is ultimately securing future generations and way giving back to Mother Earth. The substantial initial investment is, therefore, a little cost to pay to count for individuals who are focused on going green. Many experts also agree that using off-grid solar power can significantly help to reduce a home’s carbon footprint.

As off-grid refers to the solar systems that provide electricity from the solar panels without connecting to the local utility grid network, SaveGeo provides complete off-grid solar energy solutions for both domestic and industrial. Using intelligent, state-of-the-art technology for high performance and reliability, our team of experts is capable of developing niche customized off-grid solutions.

We begin with a full energy survey, and consider several factors such as premise design, electrical appliances and their pattern of use, the lifestyle of the residents, and more. This medium enables us to design your off-grid systems considering your energy usage so that you get enough solar panels to generate electricity and enough batteries to store the power.

From a wide range of options, SaveGeo chooses the suitable off-grid solution that fits your unique requirements, using the best in class tools and equipment. Our engineer assist you by constructing and installing your off-grid system. We also take up O & M activities to maintain your system and timely examine to amend issues that may arise.