Keep track of operation and maintenance of solar systems

operation and maintenance of solar systems

In the present climate, most people and industries across the globe have switched to renewable energy as it is more reliable sources of income and eco-friendly energy alternative. The solar panel systems, as a result, has become famous for both businesses as well as homemakers. At a time when fossil fuels consumed more than ever, those investing in the system are doing their part in reducing their carbon footprint. In most of these instances, the large rooftop solar panels system work much like the solar cells on your typical calculator. To create electrical energy and display electrons sunlight serves as the prime source as it constructed of semiconductors.

The energy generated by panels is supposed to act as a return on the investment (ROI). However, to keep its return flowing correctly most of the people fail to the investment maintain. It is very important to keep an eye on the operation and maintenance of solar systems as the surface of the technology can become obstructed by windborne dust, water streaking and falling leaves. Due to this reason, the effectiveness of solar panel can diminish anywhere from 15 – 25 per cent. Therefore, getting your solar panels clean can either break or make the ROI that comes with green energy generation.

Let us understand in detail why operation and maintenance of solar systems are essential part of our day-to-day life.

Fix the Problems Early

A specialist can quickly identify any issues before it occurs and fixes the problem. This, in turn, will help you to rectify any damage before the issue gets worse, resulting in saving a lot of money on repair costs. For this reason, servicing the solar panel system on a regular basis can even ensure your safety.

For instance, a solar power expert will have a thorough check of electrical components for signs of corrosion and water damage, as it could pose a significant risk to you and your family. They can also recommend a solar power solution if there is any problem while checking the condition of your roof.

Hence, the frequency of cleaning the solar panel system varies on the location of your house or business and the exposure of panels to dirt. For example, a commercial or industrial setting requires maintenance for solar system every six months, while residential areas are recommended to get it cleaned after every 6 to 12 months. If your location is in smallholding areas, which is prone to dirt requires cleaning after every 3 to 4 months. On the other hand, there will be less maintenance, if you reside in a clear area. However, if there are fumes or dirt in the air, then there are chances to scrub down more regularly, as it can easily be covered on the solar panel system.

Keep Solar Panels Up-To-Date

With dirt accumulated on the solar panels makes it difficult to absorb sunlight properly and result in rendering your system less efficient. As a result, with the help of an expert, you can remove the grime that has hoarded on the surface of your system. As per the statistic report, annually getting done the operation and maintenance of solar systems can increase its efficiency by as much as 21 per cent, maximizing your returns on your investment too. Hence, cleaning solar panel system is an essential part of maintaining the financing for the highest possible profit.

SaveGeo offers a wide range of services based on your plant’s sourcing strategy, infrastructure and degree of expertise in the solar energy spectrum. Their team of experts operate and maintain solar power systems by providing a time-to-time report on solar power generation. Also, possess expertise in project commissioning along with devising mechanisms to retrieve and manage solar power generation data to enhance their operation and maintenance services.

Quality O & M Services to Maximize the ROI of Your Solar PV System


India has an immense potential to generate solar energy due to its geographical advantage. The progress however has not been phenomenal. Nevertheless, there are still thousands of projects scattering in different parts of the country that requires proper management, operation and maintenance. To realize the true value potential of each solar project, professional O & M services become an important requisite. It is observed that those PV systems that do not follow a planned maintenance program do not provide the best ROI to the customers. Therefore, solar O & M services in India must be taken up more seriously and in a planned way.

Short-Term Profits or Long-Term Losses?

Until the recent times, solar O & M focused mainly on a reactive approach and repair side of the service. This comprises activities such as cleaning the modules, replacing defective inverters, monitoring the performance of the solar array, keeping the trees and other obstructions between sunlight and PV panels clear. In quest of making quick profits, solar O & M services are often placed on the backburner. Downplaying O & M to make the solar project more cost-effective can have negative implications for the long-term life of your solar PV PV system. A solar PV PV system is an investment the fruits of which ripen over a long time to reap incredible benefits. So always refrain from under-budgeting the solar O & M services to enhance short-term profits.

Unfulfilled Expectation Damages Reputation

Being proactive brings tremendous value. When your approach is not proactive and if it ignores O & M activities, the PV PV system will be plagued with failed power production incurring large hidden costs. During the design and construction phase, estimations on the expected power that can be generated is made. Based on this customers plan, forecast and budget their solar endeavors. An underperforming solar project will shake the future financing of the PV developers to their roots. And to add insult to injury, expensive material and additional resources to repair and manage the asset will pile up undesirable costs. This will not only damage the reputation of the builder, but also the credibility of solar energy solutions to provide a cost-effective energy alternative.

A Holistic and Value-Oriented O & M Approach

The stakeholders viz. investors, EPCs and asset owners associated with a solar energy generation PV PV system must realize the importance of O & M services from the very early stages of the design and procurement. And this proactive ideological working should continue forward unperturbed all the way through the life of the project. Getting the maximum return on investment requires a combination of well-designed and well-built system along with a sensible O & M plan that can offer highest value to your solar endeavors.

Ensuring Success of Your PV System with an All-Inclusive O & M Strategy

In an all-inclusive O & M strategy, all the parties involved right from the system owner and building host to the specialist O & M team and the monitoring firm, must agree and work as per their defined roles. This is the ultimate mantra of success for your solar PV PV system. A larger project maintenance strategy combines and progresses with all the parties involved knowing very well their roles and responsibilities.

Why Solar O & M Services are of Vital Importance for Solar Power Plants?


It is a well-known fact now that solar energy for generating power is both economically viable and technically feasible. Not only does it have a positive impact on the environment, it also saves a lot of money giving the freedom from surging electricity bills. It is a wonderful investment that ensures sustainability for asset owners. With so much of conspicuous advantages, it is quite obvious that solar installations have been adopted across various sectors, but the question is what about the life of the solar plant after the installation? This is where Solar PV Operations & Maintenance services come into play.

Why Go for Solar O & M Services?

A basic maintenance is imperative for every system, whether it is your vehicle or any hardware or other system. For solar plants, a basic maintenance on a regular basis ensures functioning at optimum generation capacity. It also makes certain a long life of your plant and efficient power generation.

The Role of a Professional O & M Partner?

For asset owners, it is desirable to get high returns from their solar plants. A professional solar O & M partner ensures this by not only offering sound technical assistance, but also sensing if something is wrong and raising the flag at the right time. Although basic maintenance like cleaning the panels can be carried out by individual consumers themselves, it is preventive and corrective maintenance that is meaningful for the long life of the solar plants. And this preventive and corrective maintenance requires sound technical understanding associated with the solar systems which can be best offered by professional O & M partners.

What Entails Professional O & M Services?

1. Regular Monitoring & Periodic Reporting
Although most of the inverters can show the power generated by your system, an O & M partner is capable of gauzing the performance to determine whether the power generated is optimum or not. Professionals can decipher and make sense of the data with regular monitoring and then providing the reports periodically.
2. Preventive Maintenance
A professional O & M partner can prevent problems by regular cleaning of panels and periodic equipment checks. “Prevent and prepare rather than repent and repair”, is what a professional O & M partner believes in.
3. Corrective Maintenance
A professional O & M team carries out proper diagnosis to repair or replace those components that are not working properly. This ensures that the system continues to operate at optimum and the power it generates is not hampered in the long run.

O & M plays a significant role in the solar power generation process. Procuring professional O & M services must be realized from the very first day of your solar endeavors. This way your investment will offer returns in quadruples!

SaveGeo offers a wide range of services based on your plant’s sourcing strategy, infrastructure and degree of expertise in the solar energy spectrum. Their team of experts operate and maintain solar power systems by providing a time-to-time report on solar power generation. Also, possess expertise in project commissioning along with devising mechanisms to retrieve and manage solar power generation data to enhance their Solar Operation and Maintenance Services.

Solar System Operation & Maintenance: An Aspect Not to be Undermined at Any Cost

solar maintenance a vital aspect

No matter how much we grouse about the development of solar energy PV systems to generate electricity harnessing solar energy, being an intermittent phenomenon in India, the truth is that there are many solar projects that have started to enter the phase of maturity. If we go by the expert opinion, it is estimated that by the end of the year 2017, the total installations will exceed 2 GW and almost half of these would have completed over 1 year of operations and maintenance.

Despite well planned and precisely implemented Engineering, Procuring, and Maintenance (EPC) services, when the plant starts to become older, operations and maintenance becomes more important to enhance the performance of the solar power plant. Solar power systems’ operation and maintenance is an aspect that is often overlooked before EPC services. Let us throw some light on certain important challenges and their solutions related to solar O & M services that hold the key for a successful solar PV project/plant.

Clean Solar PV Modules Produce More Power

The energy yield from solar modules depends upon the optimum cleaning frequency of the panels. Since there are no moving parts in the PV modules, cleaning of the panels is not a tedious task. In dusty environments, however, the panels need to be cleaned more frequently.

Working Inverters Keep the System Healthy

Solar inverters form the heart of a solar PV plant, and are one of the most complicated components. Since they are electronic devices, one must take care of them as required for other electronic devices, protecting them from the hot, humid, and dusty conditions of the Indian subcontinent.

Terms & Conditions of Warranty Management

It is mandatory to have a clear understanding of warranty terms from the suppliers. The O & M personnel must also have a good idea about the types of defects covered, the duration, and the key personnel from the supplier who takes up and enforces warranty claims.

Save Water, Save Solar Energy Systems

India’s geography facilitates availability of plenty of sunshine. But it also means that the plants that receive abundant sunlight are mostly located in remote places in arid regions where availability of water is scarce, and the dust accumulation on the panels is high. Since the panels require more frequent cleaning, as part of O & M services, in these regions, water must be used with discretion.

Efficient O & M Requires Skilled Manpower Too

O & M activities demand highly skilled manpower in electrical and electronics engineering, and sometimes it becomes quite challenging to get these skilled people to move to remote locations for work.

A solar power plant generates returns over a long period, about two and a half decades. And a good O & M process is critical for its success. Being careless about O & M activities is like squandering the potential of your PV plant which could otherwise spell magnificence, rather than falling into the pit of insignificance.